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«Herbarium» is called so because of heterogeneity of «songs», which can be compared to miscellaneous leaves in the album, still being belonged to the family of trees. Trying to avoid non-alive metaphors here, only thought of diversity and warm and innermost feeling that herbarium is capable to conjure up. «... This leaf I picked up in the park where I met her, and this - I sat by the river, contemplating...». So tracks were created – one was captured in some magic jam, another – recorded layer by layer and meticulously mixed then, next – cut from previous sessions and so on.
All compositions are united by Poostosh sense of music – thoughtful, spatial, tender and experimental. There's a lot of soul and charisma in every leaf... So please let your soul look over our HERBARIUM.
"....also a highly enjoyable beast, chucking ambient bits, neo-classical bits, softly psychedelic bits, gently picked guitars and the odd laid-back beat into a big pot and stamping on them playfully until they form something that's quite akin to one of Air's soundtracks, or occasionally Pink Floyd at their most drifty. I can well imagine people snuggling up to this CD on lonely evenings." (Brett, Norman records)
"..There’s a tension, imagination and evocative nature to their work and with any luck if Herbarium reaches the discerning ear of any Hollywood directors then we could see their music reach the stage it deserves." (Charlie Brown, The Music Critic)
"Herbarium is a marvellously cinematic album, vast and sprawling yet with a rich dreamlike humanity at its core...the album treads a fine line between the shimmering Bauhaus simplicity of Daniel Lanois and the ‘flowers in the hair’ pastoral introspection of More era Pink Floyd. The ideal album for just kicking back and watching the grass grow under your feet." (Steve Burnett, The music Fix)
"This one is definitely a grower...Give it some time and once you get it, it will be hard to not listen to it on a regular basis...This is a band that I would love to see perform live and their album gets a good solid 8/10 from me." (Imogen Davies, Tasty)
"...Herbarium is an album worthy of any collection. This is music to think to." (Tom Turnbull, You Like We Like)
"Poostosh’s real genius is being able to unearth beauty....for most of the time I was mesmerised by its invention and weirdness." (Jonatahn Leonard, Leonard's Lair).

Courtesy of Untime Records.

This is a taster - the rest 6 tracks are hidden and available on the full album download.


released May 28, 2009

1. Overjoyed To Hear The New Poostosh Album.
AK – composer and performer. MS – samples, process and mix (Contains the sample of «Melodious Box Is Fucking» from Tooth Kink 2006
2. Life As We Forgot It.
MS – piano, keyboards, bass, dream and embodiment direction. AK – guitar scent. AG – atmospheres, piano and enlightening bells.
3. Rain Autumn DPRSSN.
AG – rain autumn dprssn. MS – bass.
4. Sasha.
All by AK and MS.
5. Leprechauns' Gang.
AK – guitar. MS – the rest.
6. Birthnight.
MS – guitar, rhythm, keys to the understanding. AK – brew. AG – e-bow marvellous subdimension.
7. Swallowed By Untime, Vol.2 (Live).
AK – guitar. AG – solo-guitar. MS – melodica, keyboards, real-time mix.
8. Corneal Abrasion.
AK – guitar. MS, AG – the craze.
9. Information Pressure Doesn't Affect An Eagle.
AG - all.
10. La storia di un ragazzo che trovo' l'amore ma perse la testa.
AK – cool busker's guitar. MS – cool busker's melodica. AG – cool busker's accordion and space keyboards.
11. The Meadow of My Infancy.
MS – the meadow, my infancy.
12. Dreamers Who Are Brooders. (almost live)
MS – rhythm, melodica, keyboards, bass, mix. AK – guitar. AG – keyboards. VC - percussion.
13. Frequency Domain Of Love and Parting.
AK – perfect guitar framework and crystal solo. MS – key theme, bass and more. AG – embracing keys, signs,hints and final.
14. We'll Be Back.
AG – all.

MS – Mikhail Salnikov
AK – Andrey Kovalenko
AG – Andrey Gavrilov
VC – Vitaly Chaplin

Music by Poostosh
Produced by Poostosh

Mastered by Brian Falk

Cover - Kotya Mikhailina

Thank you

Boris Kivelevich, Andrey Mityayev, Mikhail Gomelauri, Olga Filippova, Sergey Karapetyan, Alexander Rudenko, Kotya Mikhailina, Brian Falk, Sergey Lobakhin, Sergey Puzikov, Gennadiy Stolbov, Tanya Loginova, our parents, partners, children and friends.

2009 Untime Records. All Rights Reserved.



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